Domestic Carpet Cleaning

One of the speciality services we offer is Domestic carpet cleaning. I have over 35 years' experience in this sector and over the years have gained a reputation for service and professionalism. Specialising in Low Moisture cleaning of carpets. This method reduces carpet drying times dramatically, meaning your carpet will be ready for use again after a short while and not damp for days. The cleaning solutions used were developed to be safe for use in everyday environments where there may be asthma sufferers or people who have hyper-sensitivities or allergies and are child and pet friendly.

The process is designed to toughly clean your carpets leaving them clean and fresh as well as soft to the touch.

8 Stage Fast-Dry cleaning process

Carpet Cleaning in Moray

1 Pre inspect
2 Pre-rake to loosen dry soils
3 Pre-vac with industrial vacuum
4 Pre-treat any spots and stains
5 Apply pre-spray
6 Agitate with rotary machine
7 Extract
8 Groom pile

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